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Your home first-aid kit should be well stocked and ready to dip into for any emergency, be it minor or major. There are many topical and oral natural remedies that will faithfully relieve a variety of complaints ranging from insect bites to infections.

Infections and insect bites Lemon balm, Melissa or tea tree essential oils in diluted form for cold sores and fungal infections.

Homeopathic Apis for swollen throats and bee stings and Hepar sulph for septic sores, boils, sinus and ear ache.

Buchu for its antiseptic action – topically as a gel for sunburn, mosquito bites and skin rashes. Mix it with a little vitamin E oil as a natural burn healer. Buchu taken orally strengthens resistance to infection.

Colloidal silver for its antibacterial and antifungal action. Excellent for throat infections, sinus congestion, and topically as a gel for skin infections, psoriasis and eczema.

Aloe vera in the form of a gel for skin irritation and to restore and maintain elasticity and hydration after sunburn.

Upset tummies, cramps and constipation Tissue salt Mag phos, and homeopathic Chamomilla soothe upset tummies, period pains and muscle cramps.

Natural silicate of aluminium and magnesium under the brand name Smecta for troubled tums. Colloidal silver for food poisoning and tummy bugs in children and adults.

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) Buchu oil caps and cranberry extract treat UTIs.

Nausea Nux vomica, Pegasus (homeopathic remedies) relieve nausea, digestive upsets and hangovers.

Sore throats, coughs and colds Echinacea for before and during cold and flu season as a preventative. Echinacea tincture, salt-water gargle and Similasan Sore Throat Relief spray for sore throats.

The following homeopathic preparations are good to have on hand: Homeopathic Spongia for spasmodic cough and croup will respond to aconite followed by Spongia 20 minutes later and Hepar sulph 30 minutes later, if still needed.

B.O.N.’s Anti-Bacterial Eucalyptus Spray can be used as an air spray to fight bacterial infections and to keeps mosquitos at bay!

Fevers and teething The following homeopathic remedies work well for pain, fevers and irritability: aconite, belladonna and Chamomilla.

Clove oil for toothache in adults, not children.

Earache Hexal’s ACC fizzies (N-acetyl cysteine) and Similasan Earache Relief. Calendula tea can be applied to a cotton swab and applied to the outer ear for swimmer’s ear.

Nose bleeds A hypertonic solution or gel helps stop a nosebleed by encouraging the natural blood clotting process.

Bruises, sprains and burns Arnica applied topically and orally in tablet or pillule form for bruising and sprains. Rhus tox (homeopathic remedy) for


Lavender for scrapes, abrasions, insect bites or minor lacerations and for burns. Honey, such as manuka honey, for severe burns.

Fix is a natural wound dressing spray made from St John’s wort oil, neem oil and olive oil.

Here’s to your health, naturally!

Publishing Editor

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